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Shenzhi Shi

Shenzhi Shi

Admit: Oxford Saïd (+£10,000 scholarship)

Sam  helped me get an admit to Oxford Saïd and a £10,000 scholarship in  round 4. My background is in the pharma sector. I am Chinese so I'm in a  quite competitive group. On top of that, Round 4 this year is more  competitive due to the historical high MBA applications and large  numbers of deferrals from last year. So I chose Sam to help me. I used  his 1 school application package because I only wanted to go to Oxford  Saïd. Its social impact focus is important for my future career goals. Some things stood out for me: First, he works differently to the other consultants I met. It was only  him, and we always met on video. We edited a document together and  talked at the same time so we could share ideas. Oxford Saïd also have a  kira talent video interview process and Sam helped me prepare for this.  He has a super helpful system where he showed me the real questions and  recorded my answers. Second, is hard to explain but he was more than a consultant for me. He  didn’t just help with the essays and interviews, but also was super  supportive because I was working in my job at the same time. I felt like  we became friends during the application as he really really wanted me  to get in. Thrid, Sam has a top-notch storytelling skill that really helped me to make my stories stand out. I am 100% sure I could not have done this without his help so I HIGHLY  recommend you work with Sam especially if a scholarship is important to  you.

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