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Applying for MBAs was a horrific experience for me. After 5 years at investment bank Societe Generale, my profile was respectable but I was overwhelmed by the process and lacked confidence.

I set off on a whirlwind and expensive tour of top European and American business schools, asking probing and borderline rude questions of staff and students to narrow down my choices.


After deciding on a school, I over-analysed my writing until all flair was extinguished and my application was delayed to round 4. To prepare for interviews I sought help from mentors, colleagues and peers. All of them peppered me with interview questions for a job not an MBA.

And yet despite the haphazard application, I received an offer from Oxford University's Saïd Business school with a prestigious scholarship from the Saïd Foundation. That year I was elected Social Chair, named on the Dean's List and hired to a top high frequency trading firm.

The fact is that my application could have been dramatically improved and accelerated with experienced help. Having a partner who was emotionally-invested to hold my hand on the rollercoaster would have been the best investment I could have made.

Now I get my kicks from helping determined applicants to avoid my mistakes as a full-time MBA admissions consultant. Together we maximise your chances of being accepted into a life-changing MBA program with a scholarship.

This is how Sam Weeks Consulting was born.

Request a consultation with Sam to discuss your profile and MBA applications.

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"I  strongly recommend Sam to anyone needing support and guidance at any point during their MBA application process. I started working with Sam after being waitlisted at four schools I applied to in R1.


Sam and I came up with a waitlist plan for each school, hammered out my post-MBA career plans, and did a mock interview for a school I applied to in R3.


I  cannot stress the importance of Sam’s support during the most difficult months of an almost year-long application process that I had expected would only take three months. The re-application plan we came up with gave me incredible peace of mind, as I realized the mistakes I had made when I was trying to do all of this on my own.


I  am so thankful I hired Sam before I needed to reapply, however, because  I ended up receiving an offer from USC Marshall, the school I applied to in R3, that came with a full-tuition fellowship.


Again,  I recommend Sam to anyone needing help at any point during the process,  no matter how early or how late. He is more than just an admissions  consultant."


Soph L.

USC Marshall

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