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All-Inclusive Packages

Our all-inclusive admissions consulting packages include all services, from start to finish. Last year, 20 out of 21 all-inclusive clients received admits to one or more of their target MBA and EMBA programs.

Price Structure

Our price structure means that you only pay for interview coaching (Payment 2) if you get an interview. It also ensures your consultant's incentives are aligned with yours. We accept wire transfers, card payments (+3%) and PayPal (+4.5%).


When we start working together.


Due only if you get an interview from a school we apply to. Paid once.


You choose a 3 school package with Sam. You pay $7,960 before starting (Payment 1). You receive interview offers from 2 schools and pay another $2,750 (Payment 2). That's a maximum total of $10,710.

6 school applications

What's Included

Our all-inclusive package has everything you need to successfully apply to top MBA programs, and then some. 

Application Strategy

We’ll build your customized application strategy. Based on your work experience, test scores, grades, and goals, your consultant will help you research and shortlist the right schools, and apply in the right order.


Your consultant will guide you to reflect on four periods of your life: upbringing, undergrad, previous work, and current role. You’ll work together to extract impactful stories using our tried and tested SCAR format - stories that will eventually shape your application essays.

Post-MBA Goals

You’ll work with your consultant to clearly define ambitious but realistic post-MBA goals. This will allow you to highlight relevant skills and experiences to write impactful essays.


Analyze your stories and chalk out your key traits. You’ll partner with your consultant to map these stories to your school essays. Your consultant will give you school-specific advice on how to approach each essay question, and you’ll edit these together in live sessions.


Your MBA resume is not the same as your professional resume. Our consultants will review your resume to adapt it to a business school format and use impactful, precise language to create a compelling picture of your experiences and accomplishments. 

Letters of Recommendation

You’ll get guidance on how to choose the right recommenders, manage them, and guide them to write effective letters of recommendation.

Interview Preparation

Schedule mock interviews with our team of consultants to practice your interview skills, learn the questions you will be asked in your interview, and prepare relevant questions to ask your interviewer. With detailed, constructive feedback, you'll become more confident with each mock interview.

Kira Talent

Schools increasingly assess candidates based through video interviews using the Kira Talent platform. Prepare using our database of historical questions filtered by school.

All-Inclusive Consulting

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1 School



2 Schools



3 Schools



Extra Schools (Over 6)


4 Schools



5 Schools



6 Schools



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Self-Guided Course

All our admissions consulting experience condensed into a self-guided course at


  • Courses for HBS, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia, MIT Sloan, Booth, Kellogg, Haas, NYU Stern, Cornell, Duke Fuqua, INSEAD, LBS, Oxford and Cambridge.

  • Example essays for every essay

  • Bank of 100+ real MBA interview questions

  • Kira Talent simulations

Flat fee


Post-Application Support

Your consultant will help you navigate the admissions decisions you receive - whether it is helping you choose a school offer to accept, creating a waitlist strategy and drafting a letter of continued interest, or scholarship negotiations. When we say all-inclusive, we mean it!

Access to

All-inclusive clients receive full complementary access to, our self-guided platform. This includes example essays, Kira Talent simulations, and a bank of 100+ actual interview questions.

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