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Rowan's Story

Math was always a struggle for me, but I fixed that. I can show you how, too.


I struggled for years as an only-passable Physics student. That all turned around when I volunteered to tutor underclassmen during my third year. Teaching clarified what had previously been hopelessly obscure. 


After graduating, I was offered an opportunity to move to Paris to teach the GMAT. Looking for a good excuse to explore the world outside the US, I took it and didn’t look back.

Since 2005, I have taught over 1000 GMAT clients in one-to-one and group settings and have collected an MA in Screenwriting along the way, so never fear--I teach Verbal as well!


Interaction with clients has highlighted common--and individual--problems that arise on the GMAT journey. It has also taught me that a straightforward explanation can make even the thorniest Quant and Verbal concepts seem harmless.


My reputation for clear explanations has led to work writing and editing materials for GMAT-prep companies, where I consult on making GMAT question explanations more accessible to the student. 


I spent a lot of time at the chalkboard at four o’clock in the morning; it’s my goal to make sure you don’t have to do the same.

More information available about Rowan, and feel free to connect on LinkedIn.

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