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I strongly recommend Sam to anyone needing support and guidance at any point during their MBA application process. I started working with Sam after being waitlisted at four schools I applied to in R1.


Sam and I came up with a waitlist plan for each school, hammered out my post-MBA career plans, and did a mock interview for a school I applied to in R3.


I cannot stress the importance of Sam’s support during the most difficult months of an almost year-long application process that I had expected would only take three months. The re-application plan we came up with gave me incredible peace of mind, as I realized the mistakes I had made when I was trying to do all of this on my own.

I am so thankful I hired Sam before I needed to reapply, however, because I ended up receiving an offer from USC Marshall, the school I applied to in R3, that came with a full-tuition fellowship.


Again, I recommend Sam to anyone needing help at any point during the process, no matter how early or how late. He is more than just an admissions consultant.

Soph Anya Lundeberg

Admit: USC Marshall (+$130,000 scholarship)

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Last month I was struggling between my exams, thesis, and master applications. I was stressed and uninspired and writing a motivation letter seemed to be an overwhelming burden. I contacted Sam, searching for suggestions on how to write a top-notch personal statement that could place me as a better candidate for leading universities.

From our first call, Sam demonstrated to be helpful and qualified. I was surprised by the friendly atmosphere he created, we chatted like old friends and it was very easy for me to open up and tell my story. We worked together to create a structure for my motivation letter. Then we highlighted the strengths and unique aspects of my profile to the admission committee.

Our work was a success and my candidature was accepted. I was selected for one of the top MiM programs in France. I will be forever grateful to Sam. Thanks to his expertise in the field, I will have the possibility to study in my dream university!

Federica F.

Admit: ESSEC Business School

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Sam helped me navigate both the application process and subsequent decision-making when admission offers came in. Early in my search, he outlined the admissions criteria of various schools, such as GMAT thresholds and the profile of incoming cohorts, which helped me tailor my applications.


After I had secured offers from the top 3 UK programs, Sam talked me through each school’s student experience and the typical career paths of their graduates. He discussed Oxford’s focus on social impact, Cambridge’s strengths in entrepreneurship, and LBS’s substantial alumni network in the fields of finance and consulting as well as its proximity to interviewers in those fields.

His advice, based on his own first-hand experience as an applicant and MBA candidate, helped me choose LBS as the best program both for my career direction and for the MBA experience I hoped to have.


Admit: London Business School, Cambridge Judge, Oxford Saïd

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I worked with Sam on my HBS application in round 1 and received an admit at Harvard Business School. I applied while working full-time and he was available at short notice whenever I needed him.


Most impressive was during the interview preparation when he adopted different interviewer styles, aggressive/slow, general/detailed to prepare me for whatever the interview threw at me on the day.


Once I had been accepted, he was very thoughtful in helping me think through my decision, sharing his own experience of attending business school. This illustrated his continuous genuine care for your outcomes. Since I only applied to HBS that’s a 100% success rate together! Massive thanks Sam, I couldn’t have done it without you. 


Admit: Harvard Business School

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As an Indian IT Male candidate applying to schools from the last two years, I was very familiar with the kind of points I wanted to put forward. However, it wasn’t working and one of the primary reasons for that is my failure to bind them all in a cohesive storyline.

Enter Sam. The very first time we spoke over a free consultation, I realized how he genuinely cared. I ended signing him up for Oxford but on one condition – I wanted his entire Christmas weekend as I was pre-occupied with prior commitments until the deadline! He never once complained and was extremely accommodating. We got on a video call and he spent the first few hours only trying to understand me and my motivations better.

Once we got working on the application itself (all over video call again), Sam said to me, “Mate, we could write them down as factual points or we could weave them together in a story. I prefer the storytelling way!”. That’s exactly what I wanted and what anyone should want, really! He seamlessly weaved my community-work and my extra-curriculars with my work experience and my future goals. At the end of the weekend, the application was 95% ready and boy, did it seem purposeful! Every part of the application was unique and yet it fit in the larger narrative so smoothly. I never knew my story could be presented this well!

His work impressed me so much that I signed him up for MIT the very next day, although I had already written out the application. To me, the essays I’d written for MIT seemed very powerful and after the Christmas weekend of working on Oxford with Sam, suddenly seemed boring. He transformed the MIT essays again with his storytelling ‘elixir’ and they again became wow! What I loved the most was that he did not rely on viewpoints of stories that we’d worked on for Oxford. Instead, he put in a lot of effort to reimagine the stories from other viewpoints to customize the application for MIT.

What really made the stories work was that he always welcomed my perspective. Oftentimes, I’d just narrate him incidents or speak about my views/perspectives and he’d have a keen ear to make a note of what I say and he’d incorporate in the application what seemed to improve the application. There was once when I felt an essay could be improved and I wrote an alternative one – he took the best points of my version and the earlier version, put them together and developed a really strong essay!

All in all, Sam is super easy to recommend to anyone wanting to improve their MBA applications. In fact after the first few sessions, I eagerly looked forward to our calls because talking to him seemed more like talking to a friend than a consultant. That is the best part – he is so easy to get along with! If you’re looking to apply at any top MBA program anywhere in the world, talk to Sam. You’ll emerge richer.


Admit: CMU

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As an Asian engineer breaking into a product management role through an MBA at Haas, I knew that I was facing the highest competition in the 2020-2021 admission cycle. Sam helped me craft an outstanding story that fits the school’s culture and thoroughly touched on every aspect of my application to flesh out my life experience and highlight my personal character and unique strengths. Sam was always available to chat, even with very short notice and across time zones.

The best part about working with Sam was that he genuinely cares about me and wants to help in every way possible to make my dream come true. Thank you so much for all your help throughout the process. I highly recommend Sam for anyone looking for a helping hand in their MBA application journey.

Moon Lee

Admit: Michigan Ross

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Sam made great use of all the time in the live sessions. While being professional, he also comes across friendly and approachable so I could ask any questions I had. He quickly created a professional structure for my personal statement which was specific to the course and addressed what the university wanted to read.


He also managed to relate my hobbies to the course using his own knowledge on existing programmes that work with degrees which helped to show off my achievements.


I’m so thankful I got in touch with Sam as he helped change my interest and knowledge of the course into a well written statement that I am proud to have sent off.


Admit: Bath University

I was referred to Sam by a friend of mine who had received really helpful career advice from Sam. I came to Sam with two particular problems: I had done really well with my European MBA applications (receiving a scholarship from INSEAD) and not well at all (dinged without interviews) with my MBA application in the US despite high expectations there. This difference in outcomes left me wondering what could explain the difference and whether I should consider reapplying. I also was left in a very tricky situation in deciding between INSEAD and LBS and negotiating scholarship money with LBS (my preferred European school) – this is an extremely delicate conversation and I wasn’t sure exactly how to manage it without damaging the relationship.

Sam had a much more meaningful understanding of what European schools look for (than some US-based advice I had received) and why my profile was naturally better suited to them which helped bring me closure and decide between a 1-year programme vs a 2-year programme. When I followed his advice I received a very decent scholarship offer while maintaining a good relationship with the admissions committee.

Three things stand out for me with Sam:

1. Breadth of knowledge: Sam has a level of knowledge of the US MBA programmes comparable to the best US consultants, but has a *clearly superior* knowledge of the European programmes. This means he is much better able to match specific individuals to the best MBA programmes in the top 20, which includes several European schools.

2. Integrity: While it may very well have been in Sam’s interest to recommend that I reapply with him (and I was definitely prepared to do so), he put my interests before his own and recommended against reapplying, given my outcomes because, ultimately, it was the best choice for me.

3. Time: time is money for consultants. With other consultants (I’ve been around the block), I had a distinct sense that I was up against the clock. This left me feeling uncomfortable probing the advice I had paid a lot of money for in any depth. Sam was comfortable running overtime when I had important follow-up questions about his advice that hadn’t been answered yet, which left me feeling a far more satisfied client!

I would highly recommend Sam to anyone who is considering applying to both US and European schools.


Admit: INSEAD and LBS

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I chose Sam because I was targeting mostly European schools. I chose the 3 School Comprehensive Package. Sam has already gone through the process himself and knows exactly the type of student profile the admission committees are looking for. We decided I should apply to HEC Paris, NUS Singapore and Oxford Said.

Sam was patient to understand my story and the bits that should highlight in my application. In our first profile assessment call, he spent more than double of the time initially allocated just to understand my profile in detail.


He has a knack for story-telling which transformed my experiences to a brilliant and involving essay. He broke up the essay prompts into manageable sections, tailored my response to the school’s specifications and helped me to write well-articulated essays making my experiences shine.


He is incredibly responsive and checks up on me to be sure I’m making progress. If you’re applying to a top 20 global program, Sam is an investment you will not regret.

Thanks, Sam!



Admit: NUS

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From the outset, Sam provided me with professional advice that was robust, strategic, and authentic. Sam has a compelling story of his own, a proven history of being successful, and an approach that resonated with me.

We spent time together selecting the best choice of business schools relative to my consulting background and future aspirations....

Sam was flexible in his approach and laid out a timeline that worked for me whilst balancing a career in management consultancy and my desire to complete an MBA. We had discussions about which rounds to target based on my personal circumstances, with consideration to scholarships that were applicable to me.

What I appreciated the most was the profile analysis undertaken by Sam. This allowed us to identify areas of strengths, as well as pinpoint areas to focus my energy on, such as the GMAT quantitative reasoning.... I would highly recommend contacting Sam!


Applicant: London Business School, Oxford Saïd, Cambridge Judge

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I came in undecided on which degree to pursue and Sam not only guided my career path using his broad experience but laid out the specific steps I should take to make it a reality. He gave me his direct and honest advice while empathizing with my struggle as if he were in my own shoes, and helped me narrow down my list of business schools both in Europe and in the US.


His help was invaluable in finding the schools which fit me best and complimented my career, which included IESE. His guidance and essay editing are top class, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone hoping for an admit to their dream school.


IESE Business School deferred applicant

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Sam Weeks was instrumental in guiding me through the application process in the UK. As a foreigner attempting to navigate the process, Mr. Weeks treated me with the utmost of personalism. Throughout our sessions, Mr. Weeks took copious notes as we discussed my personal and educational growth and thus tailored his advice accordingly. He is an individual of tremendous intellect and integrity and was genuinely eager to position me for success.

As an Oxford graduate, Mr. Weeks has been through the application process and understands how post-secondary is critical for one’s future. Therefore, it is without equivocation that I endorse his incredible services.


Admit: St Andrews University

Sam is a top expert in the MBA advice field - amazing to work with him on top 7 MBA school applications. Great experience and expertise on CV and essays, I definitely recommend!


Applicant: Harvard Business School, Stanford GSB, MIT

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My experience with Sam was nothing short of fantastic.

I came in undecided on which degree to pursue and Sam not only guided my career path using his broad experience but laid out the specific steps I should take to make it a reality. He gave me his direct and honest advice while empathizing with my struggle as if he were in my own shoes, and helped me narrow down my list of business schools both in Europe and in the US. His help was invaluable in finding the schools which fit me best and complimented my career, which included IESE. His guidance and essay editing are top class, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone hoping for an admit to their dream school.


Applicant: IESE (deferred)

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David was a fantastic GMAT tutor and helped me to get my GMAT score above the 700 mark. David quickly developed an astute understanding of my strengths / weaknesses and this helped me to hone in on the areas that I needed to focus on.


David was skilled at balancing the learning of fundamental concepts with insightful GMAT exam strategies and tips. It was a pleasure to go to each session and David’s focused, calm and relentlessly encouraging manner were vital to my development.


Beyond the GMAT, David is exceptionally knowledgeable about the MBA admissions process. I highly recommend David to anyone looking for thorough support with GMAT prep. 


Admit: Harvard Business School

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David really understands the specific skills that GMAT tests you on, both Maths and English. He made our classes interesting and even fun (!), and was unfailingly supportive and encouraging. Without his help, I don’t think I would have achieved the score I needed to be accepted by my dream school, IESE.


Admit: IESE Business School

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I came across David by chance on the Internet when I was looking for a tutor. I had been recommended to get a tutor by a friend who had recently taken the GMAT. My first practice test came out with a score in the 500's.


David was great, extremely flexible and really spent time to understand my strengths and weaknesses. Most my sessions were on a Sunday as I was working full time. I had about 8 sessions with David and ended up with a score of 690.


This score helped me to get offers from both Oxford and Cambridge. I would 100% recommend David to anyone wanted to ensure they get the best possible GMAT. Thanks David.


Admit: Cambridge Judge 

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David was a fantastic GMAT tutor and helped me reach my desired score range. With his help, guidance and expertise I was able to get accepted to 4 top 20 US MBA programs. I would definitely recommend David if you're looking for that extra GMAT boost!

Travis Tiffany

Admit: Goizueta Business School

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David greatly assisted me in preparing for writing my GMAT exam. Having been working for the past 20 years, some of the concepts tested in the GMAT needed brushing up. After completing a prep course led by David, I was much more confident in approaching the exam. His teaching was structured and approach to problem solving clear and very helpful. 

On first attempt I have achieved (exceeded) the GMAT score I needed, and am now enrolled in the executive MBA program at LBS. 


Admit: London Business School

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David is an amazing GMAT teacher with great knowledge of the subject. Thanks to his help, I scored 680 on the GMAT and got offers from both LBS and Imperial. Could only recommend! 


Admit: Cass Business School

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David is an excellent teacher who has an uncanny ability to break down seemingly complex problems into simple ones. His in-depth knowledge of how to tackle the GMAT, coupled with the quality of the course materials provided by Veritas Prep, together helped me improve my test score by 80 points. Would definitely recommend.


Admit: USC Marshall School of Business

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I had the opportunity to work with David Chambers during my GMAT prep in London in classes and private tutoring, and I think it couldn't have been a better choice. 


He is a very experienced tutor and very attentive, always pointing out where I needed to improve and making me think differently when facing GMAT questions of all levels of difficulty. The prep helped me improve my GMAT official score in 40 points, and I was finally accepted by Cass Business School, starting September/2016.


I highly recommend David for GMAT prep.


Admit: Cass Business School

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David was a remarkable GMAT tutor, his approach both simple and genius has helped me to boost my score and improve my consistency.


Firstly, he is very good at simplifying and explaining challenging concepts. Secondly, in his arsenal he has a lot of exam techniques and solution methods that helped me to become confident with GMAT in just 4 weeks! The time one may need for the preparation may vary, but David is flexible in that sense and is always happy to go back to basics if you need to brush up on something.


Also, David kindly offered his advice and guidance on the application process to my preferred business schools (free of charge). Overall - 10/10

Total Score: 730 - 96th percentile (Verbal: 44 - 98th percentile).


Admit: London Business School

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David is a great instructor who takes a genuine interest in developing and improving his clients performance.


He is smart, patient, and pragmatic in his approach. If you follow his guidance you will see dramatic improvements in your GMAT score - I can personally attest to this.


Admit: McCombs School of Business

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