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Admit: Northwestern Kellogg, Dartmouth Tuck, London Business School (+$90,000 scholarships)

As  a US applicant from a generic Consulting background and a lower GPA, I  knew I would need to craft a compelling story to be competitive in the  MBA process.

Sam  was the perfect partner to help me land admission to three top schools  with scholarship offers. I worked with Sam in my R2 application,  applying to mix of European and US schools via the 3-school application  package.

Sam  and I met frequently on Zoom and leveraged a live document to craft my  essays in real time. Sam spent a lot of time learning personal details  about my background and helping me cull out unique and compelling  antidotes that I never would have thought of on my own. I was also  working on a tight timeline between finishing my GMAT and submitting my  R2 applications and Sam was able to work with my hectic schedule  whenever I needed to hop on a call, which was especially appreciated  over the Christmas holiday.

I  attribute my success to Sam's endless creativity, his extensive  knowledge of the MBA admissions process, and structured and holistic  approach to the application process.

Verified testimonial here

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