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Admit: Chicago Booth

I approached Sam (along with a few other consultants) with the daunting challenge to get admission to a few top M7 schools in R2 this year. I decided to go with Sam because of his sincerity and the reviews I read here but was skeptical given his regional exposure (UK vs. US) and prior consulting experience. I was wrong, Sam helped me get admission to one of my dream schools. Compared with my acquaintances who decided to get help from the big names in this industry, I think I had an advantage using Sam.

My GMAT is around the average acceptance rate and my WE is 4 years, but I’m coming from a developing country with little experience abroad. Since I’m working magic hours in consulting, my extracurricular activities were mostly quite recent as well.

Sam helped me create one of the best essays I have written. His knowledge of the industry, passion, and down-to-earth personality make him a great consultant to work with! We frequently went above our allocated times and he never complained about it.

Some tips as well for incoming applicants:1. You have to do your homework as well. If you’re looking for someone to simply write it for you, Sam is not the right partner for you. This won’t bring your essay to life and you’ll get into trouble in the interviews.2. It’s a two-way process. You should do a deep reflection yourself and actively discuss your experiences with Sam, then he’ll help you turn it into a great essay.3. You should ask friends (non-B-school friends are OK) to review as well if you can. This brought another dimension to my essays and enriched them even more.

Good luck with your future applications!

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