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Admit: Chicago Booth, CMU Tepper (+$$$)

I came into the MBA application process worried about my high years of work experience (9+) and my relatively low GMAT score. I knew I would be relying heavily on my professional and management experience.

Sam encouraged me to totally transform my career narrative into one that was more personal and genuine, even though it felt like a gamble at the time. But the gamble paid off, and I got admits to every school that I applied to, plus a generous 30% scholarship.

I loved the way that Sam and I worked together live over video calls. We were able to exchange so much more information that way, and I feel like he got to know me properly. That was reflected in the quality of the essays. The mock interviews also played a key role in providing the extra confidence one needs in an actual interview.

I genuinely recommend Sam to anybody looking to apply to business school. The return on investment of working with him is massive.

Meet the Team

Jon Cheng

Jon Cheng

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Senior Consultant with MBA and admissions experience from Berkeley Haas


Sam Weeks

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Founder with MBA from Oxford University

Zack Headshot.jpg

Zack Hoyt

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Senior Consultant with an MBA from Harvard Business School

Alex Zarganis Image_edited_edited.jpg

Alex Zarganis

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Senior Consultant with MBA and Masters from Columbia

Samriddhi Profile Image_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg


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Junior Consultant with undergraduate degree in English Literature

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