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Admit: LBS

I had spoken to multiple admissions consultants before I found Sam – and I chose him immediately. I’m so glad that I did! I love working with Sam for several reasons:

1. He’s genuinely a nice person. I felt instantly connected with him after our initial conversation.2. He has so much passion and experience, not one of those who work in admission counseling for an easy part-time job.3. I have to admit – I’m not a disciplined person. Sam pushed me hard and made sure I got things done on time.4. Sam’s a great writer. I’m not a native English speaker and I owe him a lot for polishing all my essays. He knew how to rephrase my sentences, made them much more concise and yet in a way that my personality would still come out.5. If you prefer video calls to email comms then Sam is the right consultant for you. He always jumped on Zoom to answer my questions and even edited my essays live on the call so we could discuss on the spot.

I only paid Sam for a one-school package and he got me an acceptance into LBS. Money well spent!

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