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Admit: London Business School, Cambridge Judge, Oxford Saïd

Sam  helped me navigate both the application process and subsequent  decision-making when admission offers came in. Early in my search, he  outlined the admissions criteria of various schools, such as GMAT  thresholds and the profile of incoming cohorts, which helped me tailor  my applications.

After  I had secured offers from the top 3 UK programs, Sam talked me through  each school’s student experience and the typical career paths of their  graduates. He discussed Oxford’s focus on social impact, Cambridge’s  strengths in entrepreneurship, and LBS’s substantial alumni network in  the fields of finance and consulting as well as its proximity to  interviewers in those fields.

His  advice, based on his own first-hand experience as an applicant and MBA  candidate, helped me choose LBS as the best program both for my career  direction and for the MBA experience I hoped to have.

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