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Admit: Oxford Saíd Business School

I thought my B-school dreams had come to an end when I scored a 570 on my GMAT on the second try. ‘I thought I was smart’ and ‘It didn’t seem so hard when I was prepping’ were the thoughts going through my head when I received my score. Further, I was running out of time to retake the exam and I needed to submit my application in time for the R3 deadline to be considered for a scholarship/financial aid. I knew if I had a prayer of any acceptances, my essays needed to be strong.

I had always thought using a B-school consultant was out of my reach, maybe even unnecessary. I mean it’s just a couple of essays and boom I am in. ‘No, it’s not just a couple of essays. It’s crafting a compelling story that sets you apart and convincingly shows the value you bring to your potential B-school cohort’ – that’s what Sam said in our first meeting. ‘Your first impression is your essays so you have to bring it’ and that’s exactly what he helped me do. He coached me on how to tell my story in an undeniably unique way, as a Kenyan woman, working in consulting with investment and financial experience in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Sam and I met virtually every week where we iterated on a live document to craft my essays. During those sessions, he also asked a lot of questions to learn about my personal and professional strengths and unique experiences that we could use to bring those out. He also took some time offline to review my resume drafts. Though I was doing my applications over Christmas and trying to balance this with family obligations, Sam’s support made it feel manageable and kept me accountable to the mini-deadlines we agreed on for different pieces required for the application.

Finally, when the writing was done, we had two interview coaching sessions. In these, Sam simulated an interview and had me answer questions that are expected in B-school interviews. This helped quell my nerves and modulate my tone and speaking speed to ensure I exude confidence and poise. I couldn’t have done it without his creativity, push, and belief in me.

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Meet the Team

Jon Cheng

Jon Cheng

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Senior Consultant with MBA and admissions experience from Berkeley Haas


Sam Weeks

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Founder with MBA from Oxford University

Zack Headshot.jpg

Zack Hoyt

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Senior Consultant with an MBA from Harvard Business School

Alex Zarganis Image_edited_edited.jpg

Alex Zarganis

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Senior Consultant with MBA and Masters from Columbia

Samriddhi Profile Image_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg


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Junior Consultant with undergraduate degree in English Literature

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