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Admit: Copenhagen Business School

I strongly recommend getting in touch with Sam for guidance at any point during the MBA application process. I got in touch with Sam in early 2022 through a reference. Even though I already had Copenhagen Business School in mind, had a detailed discussion with him about my options for a European MBA. We had a brief discussion about my GMAT scores, job profile, limitations, and the colleges to which I should apply to.

Due to work commitments, I didn’t get time to work on my application. I again got in touch with him 10 days before the deadline, I was skeptical about being able to put together a good application by the deadline, however, Sam was confident about it. Sam was very accommodating with his schedule and efficient with his time as the deadline was close and we were able to complete the application in time with a successful outcome.

I needed a consultant who could take my career achievements and failures and put together a story. During our discussions, I shared my points, and Sam asked questions to extract relevant information and the points I wanted to put across. Sam used all the information together to establish a narrative and put together a coherent story. He gave me a framework on which I had to write the essays, which were later polished to perfection by him. Sam is great with words and identifying stories that make the application stand out.

It wouldn’t have been possible for me to complete the application in time without his help. While going through my application while submitting it I was amazed at the quality of the application that we were able to put together in a short period. It was great working with him, and I highly recommend his services.

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