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Applicant: London Business School, Oxford Saïd, Cambridge Judge

From  the outset, Sam provided me with professional advice that was robust,  strategic, and authentic. Sam has a compelling story of his own, a  proven history of being successful, and an approach that resonated with  me.

We  spent time together selecting the best choice of business schools  relative to my consulting background and future aspirations....

Sam  was flexible in his approach and laid out a timeline that worked for me  whilst balancing a career in management consultancy and my desire to  complete an MBA. We had discussions about which rounds to target based  on my personal circumstances, with consideration to scholarships that  were applicable to me.

What  I appreciated the most was the profile analysis undertaken by Sam. This  allowed us to identify areas of strengths, as well as pinpoint areas to  focus my energy on, such as the GMAT quantitative reasoning.... I would  highly recommend contacting Sam!

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