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Admit: CMU

As  an Indian IT Male candidate applying to schools from the last two  years, I was very familiar with the kind of points I wanted to put  forward. However, it wasn’t working and one of the primary reasons for  that is my failure to bind them all in a cohesive storyline.

Enter  Sam. The very first time we spoke over a free consultation, I realized  how he genuinely cared. I ended signing him up for Oxford but on one  condition – I wanted his entire Christmas weekend as I was pre-occupied  with prior commitments until the deadline! He never once complained and  was extremely accommodating. We got on a video call and he spent the  first few hours only trying to understand me and my motivations better.

Once  we got working on the application itself (all over video call again),  Sam said to me, “Mate, we could write them down as factual points or we  could weave them together in a story. I prefer the storytelling way!”.  That’s exactly what I wanted and what anyone should want, really! He  seamlessly weaved my community-work and my extra-curriculars with my  work experience and my future goals. At the end of the weekend, the  application was 95% ready and boy, did it seem purposeful! Every part of  the application was unique and yet it fit in the larger narrative so  smoothly. I never knew my story could be presented this well!

His  work impressed me so much that I signed him up for MIT the very next  day, although I had already written out the application. To me, the  essays I’d written for MIT seemed very powerful and after the Christmas  weekend of working on Oxford with Sam, suddenly seemed boring. He  transformed the MIT essays again with his storytelling ‘elixir’ and they  again became wow! What I loved the most was that he did not rely on  viewpoints of stories that we’d worked on for Oxford. Instead, he put in  a lot of effort to reimagine the stories from other viewpoints to  customize the application for MIT.

What  really made the stories work was that he always welcomed my  perspective. Oftentimes, I’d just narrate him incidents or speak about  my views/perspectives and he’d have a keen ear to make a note of what I  say and he’d incorporate in the application what seemed to improve the  application. There was once when I felt an essay could be improved and I  wrote an alternative one – he took the best points of my version and  the earlier version, put them together and developed a really strong  essay!

All  in all, Sam is super easy to recommend to anyone wanting to improve  their MBA applications. In fact after the first few sessions, I eagerly  looked forward to our calls because talking to him seemed more like  talking to a friend than a consultant. That is the best part – he is so  easy to get along with! If you’re looking to apply at any top MBA  program anywhere in the world, talk to Sam. You’ll emerge richer.

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Meet the Team

Jon Cheng

Jon Cheng

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Senior Consultant with MBA and admissions experience from Berkeley Haas


Sam Weeks

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Founder with MBA from Oxford University

Zack Headshot.jpg

Zack Hoyt

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Senior Consultant with an MBA from Harvard Business School

Alex Zarganis Image_edited_edited.jpg

Alex Zarganis

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Senior Consultant with MBA and Masters from Columbia

Samriddhi Profile Image_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg


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Junior Consultant with undergraduate degree in English Literature

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