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You're applying to masters programs at top business schools, such as MBA, EMBA or MiM.


The competition is stiff. Applications in 2021 are up by 20% or more. Furthermore, many schools are offering fewer places than usual because of COVID19-related deferrals made last year.

Nobody can guarantee entry into a top business school, but there are ways to improve your chances.

Your GMAT/GRE score is considered a proxy for your ability to think analytically. Rowan Hand will identify your weak spots and boost your score.


Next, choose schools that fit your goals. This approach will improve the experience and, crucially, your chances of admission. I provide guidance as to which schools value you skills most.

Writing essays can be daunting. Avoid 'achievement soup' by carefully selecting which experiences to highlight. As a native English-speaker and Oxford University scholar I'll help you construct a persuasive narrative to convey your stories powerfully.

Most schools invite candidates to interview, but don't don't confuse this stage with a job interview. Avoid minutiae and demonstrate how you'll contribute in the classroom. I'll help you to curate your narrative using past questions.

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