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Visiting 3 Dutch business schools

Updated: Jan 31

I recently visited three business schools in the Netherlands: the Amsterdam School of International Business, Nyenrode Business Universiteit, and Utrecht Business School. My goal was to learn about each school's offerings, strengths, and admissions requirements, so that I could better advise clients who are interested in pursuing business education in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam School of International Business

First, I visited the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB). I was particularly impressed by the school's focus on real-world experience and its partnerships with numerous businesses and organizations. This provides students with ample opportunities to gain hands-on experience, build their professional networks, and develop the skills that employers are looking for. The school's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is also commendable, as this is an increasingly important consideration for many of today's business students.

In terms of admissions, AMSIB is quite selective, with a rigorous application process that includes essays, references, and an interview. However, the school does offer a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, which provides flexibility for students with different backgrounds and goals.

Nyenrode Business University

Next, I visited Nyenrode Business Universiteit, which has a strong reputation for producing successful business leaders. As an admissions consultant, I was impressed by the school's focus on personalized education and experiential learning, with small class sizes and opportunities for students to work on real-life projects and case studies. This hands-on approach to learning is particularly valuable for students who want to gain practical experience and develop their professional skills.

Nyenrode is also quite selective in its admissions process, with a strong emphasis on academic achievement, leadership potential, and extracurricular activities. For students who are looking for a more rural, peaceful setting, Nyenrode could be an excellent choice.

Utrecht School of Business

Finally, I visited Utrecht Business School, which has a strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. As an admissions consultant, I was impressed by the school's commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all students, with a range of programs and initiatives aimed at promoting diversity and equality.

The school's partnerships with local startups and incubators also provide students with valuable opportunities to work on their own business ideas and connect with like-minded individuals. In terms of admissions, Utrecht Business School is also quite selective, with a strong emphasis on academic achievement, leadership potential, and personal qualities.

Overall, I was impressed with all three business schools that I visited in the Netherlands. Each has its own unique strengths and offerings, which provides a range of options for students with different backgrounds, goals, and preferences. However, it is important for prospective students to carefully consider each school's admissions requirements and selectivity, in order to ensure that they are applying to schools where they have a strong chance of being admitted.


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