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Ranked #2 MBA Admissions Consultant of 2022

Updated: Feb 1

Huge news. Sam Weeks Consulting was ranked Number 2 on the Poets&Quants Global Top 20 MBA Admissions Consultants 2022 list! As I crack open a well-earned beer to celebrate, I'm thinking about all the wins - big and small - we had throughout the year.

  • Most SWC clients were gunning for business school scholarships. Rising MBA fees and living costs mean that applicants are increasingly seeking financial aid. Last year, my client were awarded $434,000 between them in scholarships, and it looks like the number will be even higher this year.

  • More women are enrolling in top MBA programs than ever. Brilliant. Last year almost half of my clients were women and this seems to be a growing trend.

  • The average GMAT score of SWC applicants last year was 696 and is up again in the 2021-2022 cycle. This seems to be part of a wider global trend where the average GMAT score is increasing, according to school data.

  • SWC clients mainly applied to M7 MBA programs in the US, plus INSEAD, London Business School and Oxford Said Business School in Europe.

  • Top of my FAQ list was uncertain prospective applicants looking for an objective assessment of the strength of their profiles. Their next question was when to start the MBA application process. I'll tell you what I told them - start early! Spread out your prep, editing and interview sessions with SWC, rather than contacting us when everything is "finished".

"...a no-BS approach, even if it was not what I wanted to hear."

Joao, 2023 INSEAD MBA admit

"With Sam’s help, I got a full scholarship of $170K to NYU Stern"

Sejal, 2023, NYU Stern admit

Read the full Poets&Quants rankings and analysis here and read our client testimonials here.

Big things are in store for Sam Weeks Consulting, and next year I’ll be gunning for top spot. Cheers to all the top MBA Admissions Consultants on the list!

Unsure whether you should hire a top MBA Admissions Consultant? Here's why you should go for it:

  • Professionally filter your application and learn what you should and shouldn’t include.

  • Learn how to present yourself. For out-of-practice professionals, it is important to know how to turn experiences into engaging stories.

  • Prepare for the MBA interview. This is completely different from your garden-variety job interview and requires extensive practice.

  • Receive constructive feedback and support at every step. Your consultant wants the same thing you do: a successful MBA application!

Get in touch to kickstart your MBA journey at top business schools. If you'd like more snippets of MBA application wisdom, handcrafted and dropped right into your inbox, subscribe to my newsletter Sam's Scribbles.


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