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NYU Stern MBA Interview Questions 2023-24

NYU Stern School of Business’s location in the bustling center of commerce, New York City, gives its graduates an excellent career advantage. The school is well known for its access to the tech, finance, real estate, fashion and luxury, and entertainment and media industries. In fact, Stern offers concentrations in each of these fields (and more!) in their MBA program. 

Stern is ranked #21 worldwide in the FT for 2024, #12 (in the US) in Bloomberg, #10 in US News, and and #17 in QS for 2023. Its class size is about 325, with an average of 5.2 years’ work experience and average age of 28. The Class of 2025 is 43% female and comprises 46 different nationalities. NYU Stern’s average GMAT is 732 (10th-90th percentile 700-760) and its average GRE is 326 with Q163 and V163 (10th-90th percentile is Q157-170 and V157-170). 

If you’re applying to become a Sternie, you’ll need to pass the interview stage. In this post, we’ll show you how NYU Stern structures its interview, who conducts Stern’s interviews, the type of student that Stern is looking for, and some NYU Stern-specific tips to help you perform your best in the interview.

The NYU Stern Interview Process 

The NYU Stern interview is non-blind. That means the interviewer will have access to your entire application. Therefore, you can expect very specific questions and follow-ups. With this in mind, we advise all applicants to review their application materials before the interview so that their answers are consistent with their essays. Use the interview as an opportunity to discuss your stories from a new perspective, but don’t undermine them. Stern’s AdCom also mentions that this is also a good chance to remind yourself of why you’re interested in Stern in the first place.

All NYU Stern interviews are conducted by members of the Stern Admissions Committee. Stern interviews tend to be around 30 minutes, but this varies (in our clients’ experience, they often run longer). Interviews will be either in-person or online. The school says that your candidacy will not be considered negatively if you choose to do the interview online, but our experience with previous candidates has shown that schools do appreciate the effort when you go the extra mile to attend a face-to-face interview. Especially if you traveled far.

Your Stern interview will contain a nice mix of personalized, application-based questions and standard interview questions that are similar to other schools. Applicants say that the Admissions Committee member that conducts the interview is especially interested in your motivations for pursuing an MBA, your recruitment strategy, and your soft skills, particularly how you demonstrate emotional intelligence (EQ).

That said, remember that this is a two-way street, and your ability to answer questions in depth, communicate clearly, and ask your own sensible questions–a practice strongly advised by the AdCom–will all play into the interviewer’s assessment of your candidacy. 

Who is NYU Stern Looking For?

Given NYU Stern’s global community and commitment to diversity, Stern looks for a broader set of qualities in its cohort than many other business schools. In particular, Stern produces business leaders who believe that business can be a force of good for society, no matter where they come from.

That means that the school is more flexible about admitting candidates who may not have well-known employers on their resume, or who have a lower GMAT score than the class average. Stern actively seeks a cohort that is humble, authentic, and collaborative rather than competitive. The AdCom is particularly wary of candidates who come across as arrogant or pushy leaders.

Remember Stern’s focus on IQ+EQ: intellectual capability plus emotional intelligence. You’ll know this, of course, from the EQ Endorsement process on the application. Remember to focus on this aspect of your candidacy during the interview process. Stern values candidates who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, who are capable of having the tough conversations, can work with people from vastly different backgrounds, and overall display keen self-awareness and solid interpersonal skills. Stern also looks for those who understand how business can help society and who are willing to take risks, embrace change, and experiment. Highlight stories from your background and application during the interview that demonstrate these values.

NYU Stern prides itself on three distinct elements: its unbeatable location in Greenwich Village, its people, and its EQ focus. That doesn’t mean Stern doesn’t value your technical skills; it means that they need candidates whose technical strengths are complemented by their ability to adapt to a constantly changing world.

This is where Stern’s Change:Studio branding has come from; Stern focuses on the confluence of leadership, entrepreneurship, and learning through experience. Stern has broken the program into Dare It (leadership), Dream It (experiential learning), and Drive It (entrepreneurship). Consider how your background and application reflect each of these three key ingredients and make sure to work this into the conversation during your interview.

NYU Stern Interview Schedule 2023 - 2024

NYU Stern Interview Schedule

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Application Deadline

18 September 2023

18 October 2023

18 January 2024

18 April 2024

Interview Notification

1 December 2023

1 January 2024

1 April 2024


NYU Stern Interview Questions 2023 - 2024

Here are the NYU Stern MBA questions that applicants have been asked previously: 


  1. Tell me about your life so far (with follow-ups)

  2. What are your short- and long-term career goals?

  3. Why this career path?

  4. If this doesn’t work out, what’s the backup plan?

  5. What is your most defining professional experience?

  6. How do you plan to navigate the post-MBA job application process?

  7. What does your typical work day look like?

  8. Tell me more about this image in your Pick Six essay.


  1. Why do you need an MBA?

  2. Why now?

  3. Why Stern?

  4. Which MBA focus (Entertainment & Media, Fashion & Luxury, etc.) are you interested in and why? What classes are you interested in?

  5. Which clubs or groups at Stern align with your focus?

  6. How will you contribute to Stern’s community?

  1. What other MBA programs have you applied to? If you’re accepted at more than one, how will you make your decision?

  2. Have you visited campus or otherwise connected with Stern alumni? 

  3. How do you plan to take advantage of New York City during your time at Stern?

  4. What is your recruitment strategy at Stern? 

  5. How will you use the resources at Stern when it comes to recruiting?

Leadership and Teamwork

  1. Tell me about a disagreement with your team. How did you handle this?

  2. Tell me about a disagreement with your superior. How did you handle this? 

  3. Describe your leadership style.

  4. In a team setting, what role do you tend to play?

  5. Tell me about some particular leadership goals you’d like to pursue at Stern.

  6. If your coworkers could describe you in 3 words, what would they say? 

  7. According to your coworkers, what is the most difficult part about working with you?


  1. How would a superior describe you?

  2. What are some of your specific strengths and weaknesses?

  3. Describe a time that you initiated change.

  4. What would your classmates say about you one year from now?

  5. What would your friends say about your character?


  1. Is there anything we haven’t discussed that you’d like Stern to know?

  2. Is there anything you wish I had asked?

  3. Is there anything you’d like to ask me?

Tips to Ace the NYU Stern Interview

Here is a collection of Stern-specific tips that have come from working through the NYU Stern interview with our clients.

  1. Don’t be intimidated by the non-blind format of the interview and your AdCom interviewer! Applicants report that their Stern interview is conversational and fun, and the interviewer ensures that they are comfortable throughout the meeting. 

  2. Many applicants are asked about their Pick Six essay. Make sure you review the stories behind your Pick Six images and why they are significant to you. 

  3. Focus on details such as IQ+EQ, your international exposure, and your commitment to business as a force for good.

  4. NYU values diversity. Don’t be shy about discussing what makes you unique - even if it seems difficult to express at first. That’s where practice comes in! 

  5. If you’re interested in a Stern-specific focus such as Fashion & Luxury, Entertainment & Media, or Real Estate, be clear about your motivations and why this specific pathway at Stern stands out to you over a regular MBA program.  

  6. Recall the key points of the Change:Studio – Dare It (leadership), Dream It (experiential learning), and Drive It (entrepreneurship). Given that the Stern interview places a lot of emphasis on how you will work with the school’s resources to achieve your career goals, research the Change:Studio well.

  7. As always, use the SCAR method to construct your stories and anecdotes. This will help you share information while assuring that your stories are logical, concise, and clear.

The NYU Stern application course is now live on! Our complete essay guides with real examples from successful applicants, letter of recommendation advice (including NYU’s extra EQ question), and a step-by-step school walkthrough. 


Want personalized support for your Stern MBA Interview? Book a chat with us today!


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