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Q&A with Modern MBA

Updated: Feb 1

Last week 'Modern MBA' published an interview we did together. My comments about the lack of diversity at some business schools were particularly heartfelt and possibly controversial. Check out the full interview at The Modern MBA

Q: Today you are an MBA Admissions consultant, what was the inspiration?

SAM: Shortly after graduating from Oxford I was helping a friend to construct his own MBA application. After several hours he opened up about a traumatic experience he had suffered some years earlier. We realised it had been a factor in every meaningful decision he had made ever since and structured his profile around it. Gazing at the analysis of his experience laid out neatly on paper, he turned to me,"You're seriously good at this. Have you considered doing it for a living?". He received an offer and I threw myself head-first into the project.

Two years and hundreds of applications later I’m beginning to realise the ‘higher purpose’ of the work. If there’s a problem with business schools it’s still the horrible lack of diversity. Harvard Business School trumpets that 33% of the 732 students enrolling in their 2022 class are international students. In other words, a whopping 67% of its class is American. Schools themselves admit that they haven’t yet found a balance.

Part of the problem is that international students often struggle to imbue their quirky personalities into their writing when English isn’t their mother-tongue. That’s where I come in.

My reassurance that their writing is grammatically and idiomatically correct encourages applicants to open up and share the unique personality which ultimately gets them accepted.

I help determined applicants get admitted to top business schools. Get in touch if I can help you with your application. Book a chat here.


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