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UToronto Rotman MBA Interview Questions 2023 -24

The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management is a popular Canadian destination for tech-oriented MBAs. As a site for the Creative Destruction Lab, a seed-stage incubator that develops science- and tech-based startups worldwide, the CDL provides hands-on consultancy training for its graduates. Rotman is ranked the #1 MBA program in Canada by Times Higher Education for 2023, while its parent University of Toronto is USNews’ #18 (2022 - 23) and QS’s #21 ranked global university (2024).

Notably, Rotman is in the middle of Toronto, North America’s second-largest financial hub and a booming fintech center. The school offers rare JD/MBA and MD/MBA options, and for those intending to stay in Canada after the MBA, things get even better: Rotman offers a three-year Canadian work permit which also allows your partner to work while you study. It’s no surprise that Rotman’s global rank is rapidly rising. 

Rotman’s class size is approximately 270 students with an average of 5 years’ work experience and an average age of 28. The class is 49% female and 70% international, representing 41 passport regions. Rotman’s average GMAT score is 672 (roughly 615 on the GMAT Focus) with a middle 80% of 630-720, and its average GRE score is V159 and Q166. 

If you’ve been invited to interview at Rotman, congratulations! Get started with the Rotman interview process, who will conduct your interview, what Rotman looks for when building its MBA class, and read up on our tips to ace your Rotman MBA interview.

The Toronto Rotman MBA Interview Process

The Rotman interview is non-blind, meaning that the interviewer has access to your entire application. Interviewees have noted that they received specific questions based on the content of their applications, so you’ll need to review everything you submitted before you sit for the interview! 

Your Rotman interview will be conducted by a member of the Rotman Admissions Committee. Typically, the interview lasts for 30 minutes. Although this might seem on the short side, our reports indicate that interviewers tend to cover a good number of questions and the interview doesn’t feel rushed at all. In fact, clients have reported that the Rotman interviewer had a real knack for asking questions while keeping things light and conversational.

Note that Rotman traditionally prefers face-to-face interviews but will do interviews over Microsoft Teams if the interviewee is unable to travel to Toronto. There is of course no penalty for doing the interview online, but in our experience, we have found that schools appreciate the effort when you make the effort to attend your interview in person. 

Who is Rotman Looking For?

Rotman focuses on diversity in every sense: the school believes that different backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints make for a richer learning experience as well as more effective business leaders. Rotman prides itself on picking a cohort who have stood out personally or professionally - they’ve previously had an Olympic athlete and professional poker player in their class!

Rotman specifically mentions that they’re looking for the following: intellectual horsepower (your previous academic work and GMAT/GRE); experience and impact (your work history and other accomplishments); communication and presence (your skills at the soft skills, and remember that you will be developing these at Rotman’s Self-Development Lab); and finally, your “spike factor,” which you’ll remember from the essays.

Spike Factor is the way you demonstrate:

  1. Passion 

  2. Grit

  3. Resilience

  4. Innovation

  5. Drive

  6. Ambition

Rotman looks for these factors not just at work but in your volunteering, side hustles, personal life, and even art. So think about how you answered the spike factor question and consider for the interview: how do you stand out uniquely among a cohort of people who, by definition, stand out?

UToronto Rotman MBA Interview Schedule 2023 - 2024

UToronto Rotman Interview Schedule

Early Decision

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Application Deadline

05 September 2023

02 October 2023

24 January 2024

04 March 2024

29 April 2024

Decisions Released

13 October 2023

15 December 2023

15 March 2024

06 May 2024

31 May 2024

UToronto Rotman MBA Interview Questions 2023 - 2024

The Rotman MBA questions that applicants have been asked previously are: 

About You

  1. Tell me about yourself (plus follow-ups).

  2. Why did you choose your undergraduate program? What was the experience there like?

  3. What stands out on your CV? 

  4. What are your short- and long-term career goals?

  5. What are your backup plans should these not work out?

  6. What are three firms where you would like to work post-MBA?


  1. Describe your current job role.

  2. Why did you choose this career?

  3. What sort of knowledge gap did you face at the beginning of your career? How did you overcome it?

  4. What is a work accomplishment you’re proud of?

  5. What is an accomplishment outside work that you’re proud of?

  6. Tell me how you’ve been an innovator in your career thus far.

  7. What excites you?


  1. Why MBA? Why now? 

  2. Why Rotman?

  3. Why choose Canada for your MBA?

  4. If you’re accepted at multiple schools, how will you choose?

  5. What can you offer Rotman?

  6. What do you find most appealing about Rotman?

  7. If you had to ask the Dean of Rotman 3 questions, what would they be?

  8. Describe 3 campus initiatives you will take to improve the MBA experience for you and your class.

Leadership and Teamwork

  1. Discuss a time you disagreed with a superior. How did you navigate the situation?

  2. Discuss a time that you experienced conflict within a team. How did you handle this?

  3. Give me your definition of leadership. 

  4. Tell me three qualities that any great leader possesses and why this is the case.

  5. Describe your leadership style.

  6. Describe a time that someone underperformed and how you dealt with the situation.


  1. Discuss a time that things didn't go as expected. How did you handle this?

  2. Discuss what sets you apart from your peers; give three examples.

  3. Tell me about a time that networking worked out for you. 

  4. How might a friend describe you?

  5. Tell me about a time you failed.

  6. Describe a time that work stretched you to your limits.

  7. Describe a time you failed.


  1. What else would you like Rotman to know about you?

  2. What would you have liked me to ask you?

  3. Do you have any questions for me?

Tips to Ace the UToronto Rotman MBA Interview

Here are our Rotman-specific tips that have come from working through the Rotman interview with our clients:

  1. Rotman is especially concerned with your school fit. They even have pre-application meetings for students to better understand the school’s values and what they can bring to Rotman. 

  2. Rotman’s admissions team is very approachable and offers to help you “showcase your best qualities, regardless of your academic or professional background.” Take advantage of these resources! Get in touch and ask questions that go beyond what’s on the school website.

  3. Watch these videos and podcasts to prepare for your interview: - Listen to this podcast with Imran Kanga, Director of Admissions at Rotman, does a deep dive on the Spike Factor. - Watch this video from Imran Kanga to make sure you’re up-to-date with all the Rotman “tips and tricks.”  - Check out the Rotman podcast to learn more about the school, the admissions process, and hear from alumni.  - Watch this video from Rotman’s Self-Development Lab and see whether you can apply any of its takeaways to your profile.

  4. Be clear and concise: stick to your core narrative, and focus on your Spike Factor–the special things you want Rotman to remember about you. Use the SCAR method to construct your stories and anecdotes. This will help you share information while assuring that your stories are logical, concise, and clear.

  5. Remember that Rotman values diversity and has a holistic approach to undergraduate grades, undergraduate topics, and even GMAT scores. As Rotman says, “We take a whole package approach to the application process,” so embrace your weaknesses rather than hiding them. Focus on what makes you a solid contributor to Rotman and your future cohort.


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